Travel Adventures…Never Leave Home Without a Book! (Random Post #1)

I’ll be heading off to Aruba on Sunday and obviously have my Kindle stocked with many books for my reading pleasure.  But of course, growing up as a Girl Scout I learned to Be Prepared so I’m also bringing a few “real” books with me as well.  The Kindle is fully charged and I don’t intend on turning the 3G on, so the battery should last.  But, I always like to have options around and I do have a few “real” books I’ve been meaning to get around to anyway….

As soon as I get to the airport I’ll have that book on…and for the duration of the flight…and while lounging on the beach…

(photo from Google Images)

I’m very excited to head off to Aruba.  This will be my second time there.  I’m going with Mark and his family. We’re going to snorkel (which we did last year and was very fun!) and we’re going to rent jeeps for a day to explore the other side of the island (also did this last year and was awesome and HYSTERICAL!).

We’re planning to go see the Natural Pool which we were unable to do last year.  And I know I’m picturing it incorrectly in my head, but I’ll go with it for now. 🙂  I want to do the horseback riding on the beach, but no one else wants to do it with me.  And frankly, I’m not going to go by myself…  Maybe some other time! Or maybe I can convince someone else…

But mainly, our trip will consist of lounging on the beach, enjoying the 12-5 Happy Hour at Sassy’s Den (a beach-bar…she is awesome and we’re all looking forward to seeing her again), and checking out different restaurants each night.  On the list of restaurants to attack are: Azzuro, Madame Jeanette’s, El Gaucho, Texas de Brazil, The Flying Fishbone…. and well, I think there were maybe 2 or 3 others, but I forget them right now.  We’ve been to all but Azzuro and The Flying Fishbone.

Have any of you ever been to Aruba?  What do you recommend doing/seeing/eating?


4 thoughts on “Travel Adventures…Never Leave Home Without a Book! (Random Post #1)

  1. Oh Daniele – do the horse riding by yourself! It is so much fun – there will be other people on the tour! I did the riding in the Caribbean in Jamaica last year – it was a highlight of my trip! Loved it so much! You will meet others on the tour to share it with! I did it by myself and made a great friend who I still catch up with! Have a great holiday – hope you do get out on the horse!


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