Home Sweet Home (Random Post #2)

I’m back home 🙂

Aruba was fun, but I’m happy to be home; cold weather and all!  We had great weather for the most part, did some shopping,  went to a water aerobics class a few mornings, took a free salsa dancing class, and did a whole day, self-guided tour of the island with Jeeps. We got the Jeeps at 10am and didn’t get back to the hotels until about 5:30 or so.  It was so much fun!  We hit so many spots and saw so many things!

Here’s a run-down of our Jeep day:

We started off at Baby Beach after driving through the local, residential area.  All of the houses were so colorful!  But it was pretty amazing to see such a difference in the conditions of different houses, even if they were right next to each other.

Baby Beach

The water here is crystal clear and the sand feels so weird but cool at the same time; it’s sort of like a velvet-silk feeling.

We saw a lot of wild goats and donkeys while riding along the unpaved desert.

We saw the turbines on the island which could probably give power to the whole island…they are huge!

We ate at a restaurant in the middle of the desert, and the food was actually pretty good.

We went by the ruins of the old gold mines on the island (or at least, that’s what someone told me they were..hehe).

Then we went to the Natural Bridge, one of Aruba’s main attractions.

Natural Bridge

This bridge has collapsed due to time and the water, which is sad. It was already collapsed last year when I went, so I’ve only ever seen it complete in pictures.  But there is a new bridge forming.

"new" Natural Bridge

We were unable to get to the Natural Pool last year because they had really bad rain the week before we went so the roads were pretty flooded but this year we were able to get there so it was really cool to see it. I could see the fish swimming just below the surface. I wish I had taken my underwater camera with me but I forgot it. The water was great!  The only problem was that we had to climb down stairs cut into the rocks to get there and of course climb back up; I was ready for a nap after that climb! (especially since I had to do it in flip flops!)

Natural Pool

Our last stop was at the lighthouse, and we returned here later that night for dinner at the restaurant right next to it.

And of course, throughout most of this ride we were able to see the coast. We got a lot of great photo ops along the way. Sometimes when the water crashed against the rocks we could see a rainbow in the spray; I was able to get a good picture of it:

Now, to get down to business: I read four books while on my trip, starting at my arrival at the airport through the last full day (Saturday).  One of the things I love most about being on the beach is being able to lounge around and read.  I definitely spent a lot of time in the ocean and the pool too! I read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison, Locked in Time by Lois Duncan, and If Jack’s In Love by Stephen Wetta.  I’m getting ready to shut down for the night though, so I’ll make a separate post for the books tomorrow.


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