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REVIEW: When the Wind Blows by James Patterson

When the Wind Blows is one of James Patterson’s earlier novels (published in 1998).

It is set in Colorado where a lone FBI agent Kit Harrison and local veterinarian Frannie O’Neill are hurled into an unbelievable (but real) nightmare that could threaten the lives of many people, especially those of children. They meet an extraordinary young girl with an incredible ability who is connected to an underground lab performing illegal experiments of an inconceivable nature. People continue to turn up murdered. Knowing what is going on could be a death sentence to Kit and Frannie.

I found this novel to be a bit more “elementary” than others of his that I have read. However, it is at least the 30th Patterson book I’ve read. I’ve read all of the Alex Cross series, Women’s Murder Club series, Michael Bennett series, and other random non-series novels. Most of these books were written after When the Wind Blows so a lot of time, practice, and books have occurred since this novel debuted. The characters didn’t seem to be fully developed and the story line moved very quickly, almost a little too quickly. I enjoyed the story, nonetheless, but would have enjoyed more character development and a slightly more drawn-out story line; the action only occurred over a few days. Patterson’s research seemed to be pretty solid and even the way he describes the labs and the scientific atmosphere certainly makes what happens seem possible – scary, but possible.

I have always enjoyed Patterson’s style in the form of the short chapters that make you want to keep reading. So what if his books have 100+ chapters? Most of them are 1-3 pages long. And at the end of most of these chapters, there is a mini cliff-hanger that makes you want to continue reading. I catch myself looking at the last sentences when I realize I am at the end of the chapter to see if it’s something that will “force” me to keep going, or if it is alright to stop at that place for the time being. In fact, sometimes I feel like I am spoiled by this format. (When I read other books with really long chapters I like to think back to a Patterson book with the super short ones.) When I finished this book, I hadn’t even intended to finish it then. I said to myself “When I finish Chapter 80 I’ll close the book and go to bed.” Then it was “OK, when it’s 10pm.” And of course, I ended up finishing the book just before 11:30pm…


7 thoughts on “REVIEW: When the Wind Blows by James Patterson

    1. Oh you should read them! But make sure you read them in order. I think there are about 18 of them altogether now. They’re really great. Along Came a Spider was made into a movie with Morgan Freeman. But I never pictured him as Alex Cross; too old, I think. They’re quick, enjoyable reads. I think those characters are well developed, but then again that could be because we follow them through multiple books. If you do read them, let me know what you think! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


    1. Yes, the Alex Cross books are good. I went through a James Patterson phase where I read a lot of his books — they’re so quick to read. But I’ve had to take a break from them because I was kind of getting bored by them.. and I just didn’t want to read crime fiction for a while.


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