Rating Rubric

While reading other book blogs, I came upon this post which referenced another post about rating systems.  The rating rubric is based on a rubric system the author, Mandy, uses as a teacher.  When I read it, I thought of how my teachers would give me  a rubric when returning my paper to see where I needed to make improvements and where I was doing well.

So after seeing that Mandy created a rating rubric for fiction, I couldn’t resist using it against the books I have already read for 2012.  From now on, I will use the rubric to rate my reads.  I will post the rating next to the title on the main list of books I read this year.

Thanks for sharing your find, Jessica, @ Shhh…Mommy’s Blogging…!

And thank you Mandy @ Bork Adventures, for creating the Rubric!



6 thoughts on “Rating Rubric

    1. Haha that’s what I did, but just out of 1-5. I think it’s fun to have some type of system to follow. That way, at least all of my ratings are relative to each other, I guess… hehe


  1. I think all number rating systems are sorta hard to follow. Plus most of the time I either love or hate a book. Maybe a better system would be like:

    buy it, borrow it. or bury it (couldn’t think of a b word that would go for a book that stinks haha)


  2. I don’t use a rubric for my reviews, just a system of rating them 1-10. I do have a page on my blog where I give a basic explanation of what each number means, and beyond that I also have them grouped into three different categories. A rating of 7-10 is a book I suggest, a 5 or 6 is a book I would suggest in limited circumstances (if it’s in a series or if you’re a fan of the author) and a rating of 1-4 is a book I would tell people to run away from. (I’m up to I think 110 or so reviews on my blog, and while I’ve got a few 2’s, I haven’t given any books a 1 yet.)


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