Formats and whatnot

Since I’m pretty new to this whole book review thing, I’m getting a feel for how I should format my reviews.  Sometimes, I don’t want to write my own synopsis because I’m afraid I’ll give too much away.   But then I’m worried that my synopsis isn’t good enough to make people interested in the story.  So for now, I think  I will do what I’ve seen others do and use the synopsis from Goodreads.  Maybe in the future I will become more comfortable with writing my own synopsis…

However, it bothers me when I decide to start something when I haven’t been doing it all along and I almost want to go back and edit my earlier reviews to follow the same format. (i.e., now add the Goodreads synopsis)


If you have read any of my past reviews, do you have any tips/hints/suggestions on how to format them?  Do you have any suggestions on how to improve my reviews and writing?


What do you think?

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