Bookstores are Dangerous

Today on my lunch break I decided to take a walk over to The Coop at MIT.  I’ve walked by it countless times since I started working here back in November 2010, but never stopped in.  I always said “one day on my way home, I’ll pop in and check it out.”  I had seen that there were some non-school/textbooks on some shelves but basically assumed it was going to be more or less like the Merrimack College bookstore, which really was all Merrimack gear and textbooks, and some class/room supplies one might need while living on campus.

The Coop @ MIT; (photo found on Google images)


It is a mini Barnes and Noble!!!  There were tables and shelves of books.  It was much larger than I thought (and 2 levels!). I went through the revolving door and paused for about 2 seconds in the doorway.  Luckily, there was no one entering behind me.  I was on a quest for a small item, so I only grabbed some cash out of my wallet.  Thank God, because I probably would have spent WAY more than I intended.   I decided to limit myself to 2 books, and I am not lying when I say that the two books I left with were not the first two I picked out.  I kept asking myself which ones I wanted more, so I switched out books a few times.  Then I remembered to get what I was primarily there for.

Some of the books I scanned into my Goodreads book list using the handy bardcode scanner on my Android phone Goodreads app.  (duh)

So the two books that got the honor of being purchased are:



I can’t wait to start reading them.  I supposed I can try to find a way for at least one of them to get in the reading challenges…or else they’ll just be added to my year goal.

Have you heard of/read/plan to read these books?


6 thoughts on “Bookstores are Dangerous

  1. I’m not supposed to go to bookstores by myself anymore. I have a tendency to way overspend (but don’t we all?) and then end up with a mountain of books.

    Buying books digitally is just as bad, though. It’s so easy to spend the money and then forget what you have without a pile of readables staring you in the face. “MUST BUY MORE BOOKS! Wait, what? I have 99 unread books…can I buy just one more?”


    1. Oh! I know exactly what you mean. I love buying the Amazon giftcards at Target to buy books for my Kindle. And I LOVE when I find books for free. But you’re right, then I’m wondering which ones I bought…and because it’s digital, it doesn’t take up physical space, so the more the merrier, right?

      I think I have at least 40 books on my Kindle, plus close to another 20 actual books sitting on my bookshelf…so bad! But no matter how many digital books I buy, I’ll never give up “real” books (especially if they are parts of series that I already own!)


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