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REVIEW: The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

Title: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Author: Charles Dickens

Goodreads Synopsis: The main issue in the novel is the disappearance of Edwin Drood and the suspicion that he has been murdered. But as intriguing as this central plot are the startling innovations in Dicken’s work and the troubled elements lurking within the novel: a dark opium underworld, the uneasy and violent fantasies of its inhabitants, the disquieting presence of old ‘Princess Puffer’, of the quiet cathedral town of Cloisterham from which people have to escape in order to save themselves–and, at the centre, the menacing figure of Jasper.

I wasn’t really impressed by this book.  Maybe I just don’t get “it”.  But it took me a long time to get through it, considering it was less than 200 pages.  I didn’t really care for any of the characters at all.  There were some that did seem to have genuine interest in the younger people’s lives and affairs and maybe they had a bit more substance to them, but overall I really just couldn’t get into any of them.

At times, the writing seemed almost play-like; the dialogue was easy enough to get through, it was the description that really left me struggling. I tended to wander away and come back wondering what the heck I had just read.  Normally, I’m a very focused reader and can read in any setting with any noise around me (on a train, bus, plane, around television, radio, people, iPod…seriously, just about anything).  But I was very easily pulled away from this book and into conversations or television shows.

Since this book wasn’t finished before Dickens’ death, it is the ultimate cliff hanger with no real ending.  However, I have chosen “my” culprit.  I have yet to Google the book to really see what speculation is out there or if there is any particular character that most people lean toward, but from what I gather, it seems an easy enough guess as to who did the deed and I don’t think it’s the one the people of Cloisterham believe it to be.


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