What Comes Next?

I noticed that some blogs used a random number generator to select winners for book giveaways or to help them decide which book to read next.  I’ve decided to adopt the idea of using the random number generator to pick my next book.  I’ll use my “To Read” queue on Goodreads in the generator and whichever book corresponds to the selected number will be the next book.  Only one stipulation: if the corresponding book is part of a series which I haven’t started yet, I will generate another number.

As soon as I finish The Mystery of Edwin DroodI will use the generator to pick my next book. 🙂


6 thoughts on “What Comes Next?

  1. Sounds like a good idea I should implement. Usually I just grab whatever I see and start reading and thus my queue gets longer rather than shorter. Thankfully I joined the Mount TBR challenge this year and I’m going to make a huge dent in my bookshelf!


    1. I get overwhelmed by my choices because my TBR list also continues to grow. So if I use the random generator, the choosing is done for me!

      I had not heard of this challenge…that sounds interesting….however I’m already in a few this year (the first time I’m participating in challenges..I’m a new blogger) so I shouldn’t go too crazy yet!


      1. This is my first year doing challenges and it was hard to limit myself to just three – thankfully they all allow overlaps so I have a couple of books overlapping.


        1. I ended up signing up for 4! And I want to try and read all new books (unless a category is about a re-read) but I realize with 4 challenges that could be pretty difficult to read all first-time books. So, I’ll deal with re-reads if necessary! hehe


  2. What a great idea to join reading challenges! I belong to two book clubs at the moment. One is a group of my husband’s coworkers and their spouses, and doubles as a dinner club. The other is a new group a good friend started, and I think may end up doubling as a cocktail club. It’s been a terrific way to read a wide variety of books!


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