With My Reading Buddy

With My Reading Buddy #3

I know my last two posts about this fell on the last day of the month, but I was pretty busy this weekend and unable to do it ’til today (which, as you know if you read one of my posts from earlier today, I now have the time!)

Anywho, here’s the March re-cap of the reading program.

A. and I got through 2 more books during the month of March.


He really enjoyed the Scary Stories book which was a collection of different scary stories.   The Batman book had been put in our folder by the program coordinator.  I think it was a little too young for A. since we have been reading chapter books (we read it in only a few minutes).

Good news: since I got a new (permanent) job at the same company, I will be able to finish the program.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to continue if I didn’t get a job with the company, but now I don’t even have to worry about it.  (Whew!)

The first and second grade students were learning about ancestry and they invited family and the volunteers to attend a presentation they put together last week.  So I went with another fellow volunteer.  It was cute.  They sang a few songs and each student got up and talked about a place in the world important to their family and why it was important.  I didn’t tell A. I was going (mainly because I had forgotten about it until the day before) so it was a surprise for him to see me.  I think he was happy I was there.  He introduced me to his mom.

If we both participate in the program next year, we will probably be paired up again.


2 thoughts on “With My Reading Buddy #3

  1. I love these posts! It was sweet of you to go to the performance I bet it meant a lot to him. I know my son, who is 5, loves it when unexpected people show up at his school. It give him a chance to show off a bit and be proud of what he’s accomplished.


    1. Thank you! It was the day after our normal reading session so I saw him twice last week (which is good, since I won’t be there this week!).

      When I was little I thought it was so cool when family came to school.


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