Net Galley

Net Galley

Geoff over at The Oddness of Moving Things told me about NetGalley a while back.  I looked it up quickly when he first told me about it, but today I signed up for it.  I think it’s a pretty cool concept (and it’s free so why not?).

I’ve set up my profile and hopefully I find some interesting stuff or publishers are interested in asking me to review their books.  We’ll see!

It’ll be a new venture in my young life of book reviewing 🙂

I have added a Review Policy to my blog.  I hope this covers all the bases.  If you have any suggestions, ideas or anything to add to my review policy, please share!


2 thoughts on “Net Galley

  1. Ou, I love Netgalley. You should get Shelfari’s emails for readers so you can see what books are coming out soon and then get them early off Net Galley and review them before they’re on the shelves.


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