I set up a Twitter account months ago, followed about a dozen people/organizations and rarely tweeted. For about a month or so I was reading all the tweets, logging in multiple times a day via my phone while at work and home. After some time, a day would go by, then a couple, and next thing I knew, a whole week had gone by without checking Twitter. I decided to get rid of it.

However, after reading a lot of the Top Ten Tuesday memes from this week (Top Ten Tips for New Book Bloggers), I realized that using other social media outlets is a great way to get my blog out there and reach a larger number of people. And since I originally started my blog to extol the virtues of reading, shouldn’t I try to reach a larger audience?

Having said that, I started a new Twitter account that I’m going to use exclusively for book related stuff. My name on Twitter is @enchantdbybooks. Follow me! šŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Be sure to set your posts to publize to your twitter account. I haven’t quite figured out twitter just yet, but it is a good social outreach medium. Good luck!


  2. Used Twitter a few days, then deleted. 140 characters too limited for my needs, and few people read Twitter in my opinion anyway.


  3. I LOVE twitter – mostly because I’ve won all sorts of crazy stuff and been able to speak with people I never would have had the opportunity to meet (kind of like book blogging). Although I’m not on it as much as I was when I first joined a few years ago.


      1. Mostly by luck – I followed a couple of corporate things like Jet Blue and they were doing a bunch of giveaways. You just have to keep an eye out. People/Companies usually give you some warning and then you just have to be ready.


  4. I will follow you! I know what you mean about twitter – I go days without checking my account…but it certainly helps with the blog. Follow me @kmbookmarks
    Good luck with your blog – I enjoy your posts.


  5. I know what you mean with twitter. signed up for it at the end of 2009, tweeted a few times and then pretty much ignored it for two years. I got into it more during NaNoWriMo last year, and then at the start of this year with starting my blog, I started to use it more for that, too (although I also just use it to write silly things). I find most of the time I at least get a few pageviews that come from my tweets, so it is worth it in that sense (and it’s fun to connect to other writers and bloggers).
    Anyhu I’ll follow you, my twitter is @abritishperson šŸ™‚


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