I wish that was true!

I feel like I need to put a disclaimer and say the reason that number is so high is because I have enabled Facebook on Publicize.  I almost want to remove it because I feel like it’s a lie.  But in any case, being linked to my FB and now my Twitter will hopefully get more traffic to my site 🙂

That is all.

Happy Friday everyone!


7 thoughts on “900 followers?!

  1. I thought about hiding the number (that is an option) but then I was like – well I do force all my friends to see it when it’s published so may as well leave the numbers 😀


      1. Oh – I’m not sure if you can turn off just the Facebook followers. The only way I know is to turn off the number completely. If you go into your widgets there’s a box there you can check. Maybe ask on the WP forums, they’re usually pretty helpful.


        1. Hmm, Ok. I knew that, I thought perhaps there was a way to just turn off the FB followers without losing Publicize. (though I supposed I could always post a link to FB myself…)

          I left a question in the Forums. Thanks!


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