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One More…

So I didn’t realize that I had been given another award.  Let’s call it a “technical award”.  It is given to the top 5 people who comment on your blog.  I received it from Jessica at Shhh…Mommy’s Blogging…  Thanks 🙂

Created by SJ at Snobbery, this award goes out to the five readers who comment the most on your blog.

In addition to showing the comment love (and using the awesome graphic) each recipient (who wants to accept the award) must answer the following 9 questions and then pass the award on to their top 5.

  1. What is your third favourite colour? Purple
  2. Would you rather be:  a Jedi, a Pokemon Master or a Wizard/Witch?  Choose ONE I’d want to be a witch. (“It’s leviOsa, not levioSAH”)
  3. Who is your favourite Doctor? I’m ashamed to say I have yet to watch Doctor Who (I know!), but I have it on my Netflix instant queue, I swear I do!
  4. Can you whistle? Yes, the regular way and through my teeth (but I’m not missing any teeth!)
  5. Would you name your child Sirius Albus? While I love the namesakes, no I would not name my child Sirius Albus.
  6. What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? cookies
  7. Do you own a lawnmower? Nope.
  8. Do you think Legolas is a (very pretty) pansy? HA! perhaps
  9. What’s the trashiest thing you’ve read in the last year?  Should we [Snobbery] cover it for Trashy TuesdayHmmm, to be honest, it was probably a Trashy Tuesday post on Snobbery!

My top 5 who get this award:

9 thoughts on “One More…

  1. Haahaa whoohoo for another award (and upping my comment count on your blog) 😀 – WATCH DOCTOR WHO NOW! And Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures! (Doctor who Series 4 – with Catherine Tate is probably my favorite – but the new Doctor Matt Smith has done well and Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan) is definitely growing on me.


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