April 25th is World Penguin Day

Hooray for Penguins!

Penguin Place Post

Yes, it’s time to get out your tuxedo or penguin costume as this April 25th is International (World) Penguin Day.  So, what exactly is International Penguin Day and when did it begin?  For me it began about 20 years ago when I read an article in the Science New York Times about researchers at McMurdo Station in Antarctica who had noticed that every year, like clockwork, on April 25th a colony of Adelie penguins returned from months at sea to the exact same spot on the exact same day every year.  These delighted scientists and their support crew marked it on the calendar and would make a day of it, gathering near the shore to celebrate and welcome the penguins who would arrive by the hundreds right on schedule every year.  It became an unofficial holiday at McMurdo known to the staff as Penguin Day.  So when I read the…

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