WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday (5)

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.  Each week, we’ll answer three questions about books. Click the image to be taken to MizB’s WWW post for today.

• What are you currently reading? 

Still reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  I kind of put this aside to read another book.  Now I’m really going to focus on it.  Especially after writing that I started it in last week’s WWW and got some good comments about it.

Also reading F nish Th s B  k by Keri Smith.  It’s an interactive paperback book where you get to “write the book”.  I’ve only just begun it, so I’m hoping it’s fun to do.  It appeals to the kid in me that likes mysteries, fill-in-the-blanks, become-part-of-the-story type stuff.  Check it out on Amazon.

• What did you recently finish reading? 

I finished reading The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil.  (I’m not sure if that’s pronounced “gill” or “jill”…but the author is female).  Anywho, I’ll have a review posted on it probably tomorrow.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Random.org generator to the rescue!

[I’m posting before MizB, so I’ll link up to her page later!]


8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (5)

  1. I only have a vague memory of The Count of Monte Cristo from a made for tv movie years ago. Since it’s public domain, I really ought to download it to my Kindle and have it ready to read one of these days. Also, the Finish This Book book sounds really innovative!

    I’m having a contest on planetpooks with prizes of free ebooks and a $20 gift certificate from the online bookseller of your choice, and also, my own WWW Wednesday: http://planetpooks.com/?p=4574

    Stop by!


    1. So far so good. It tells you to write, draw, or do something without much explanation. And you’re supposed to read it in order, no skipping ahead (unless it tells you to).


    1. It is pretty interesting. It’ll definitely be an interesting review for me to write when I finish it. But I think it will be something I’ll take my time with and not rush through it.


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