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Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Books You’d Like To See Made Into A Movie

The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they choose a new topic for bloggers to list their top ten of whatever books fit into the category. (the image above is linked to today’s post at The Broke and the Bookish)

Today’s Top Ten: Top Ten Books You’d Like To See Made Into A Movie

I haven’t really thought too deeply about these as far as which actors could play the roles or which directors should direct, etc.  But these are books that, after I read them, thought “this could be a great movie”.

Also, I have heard rumors of some of these possibly being  made into movies, so if you’ve heard anything, leave a comment  🙂

As  I’m sure you were expecting: In no particular order…

1.  Watchers, by Dean Koontz

I’m pretty sure this was once made in a “made for tv” movie back when Syfy was spelled SciFi.  I think I remember stumbling upon it once and watching it for about 2 minutes and being completely disappointed.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some Syfy shows (Warehouse 13 and Eureka, currently…and I did enjoy Stargate: SG1) but the movies always leave something to be desired. Then again, what do you expect?  It’s not like they have serious budgets or anything…  But I would like to see this book properly done.

2. A Prayer For Owen Meany, by John Irving

I love this book, and I know I would cry watching it but I would still watch it.  I want the whole story, not the Simon  Birch adaptation (though that WAS good).

3. Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon

But I’m going to adjust this a little and say that I would like to see the series done by HBO, the way Game of Thrones is being done.  HBO has better resources to really get into the detail, and in a series like Outlander, details are key.

4. Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card

This was a story I enjoyed very much, but I think it is one that I would need to see in order to get the full effect.  Though I think they would end up aging the characters a bit.

5. The Black Jewels Trilogy, Anne  Bishop

Another series that would need to be done by HBO or the like in order to do justice to the story, world, and details.

6. Timeline, by Michael Crichton

I’m pretending that the Paul Walker version of this never existed.  I would like to see this move done right, and truer to the book. Thank you.

7. The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

I think this would be a fantastic movie, as long as the right people were involved (in front of and behind the cameras).  I would love to see this play out on screen.  The description is so rich, it could be translated well to the screen, I think.

8. The Map of Time, Felix J. Palma

This could be a really great movie, or maybe a mini-series.  Some of the characters are really well developed and could be great on screen.  Not to mention some of the description in the book.

9. The Giver, Lois Lowry

This was a story I read for the first time when I was 14.  I’ve mentioned before that I recently re-read it.  I would definitely like to see this as a movie. Especially with the color issue… very interesting indeed.

10.  Ready Player One,  Ernest Cline

I’m less than  100 pages into this book and I am hooked.  I would love to see this as a movie.  I would love to get a real visual of OASIS.


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Books You’d Like To See Made Into A Movie

  1. I love Outlander, but I’m so afraid that a movie or tv version would mess it up and then I’d never be able to not picture those actors in my head, lol.

    And good thinking with The Giver! And Ender’s Game! 🙂


    1. I know what you mean. So far, HBO has been really good with Game of Thrones, so I would hope if it ever became a series a team like the one on GoT would do it justice, too! But finding the right actors would definitely be tough!

      I think I’ve heard things about both Ender’s Game and The Giver, but I just haven’t taken the time to go look again 🙂


  2. I really need to read The Giver again … my mother tells me that I hated it when I read it in middle school but I can’t imagine that I’d hate it now, ha.

    Thanks for sharing your list!


    1. Thanks! I thought I had heard something, too.

      I know, it could easily become a “kids’ movie”. I hope that doesn’t happen, it really does have adult themes.

      Fingers crossed!


  3. Wow. You just put a whole bunch of books on my to-read list. 🙂

    I second the Timeline request. Loved the book. What were they THINKING when they made the movie?!
    Also, The Giver. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but it would make a brilliant movie if done right.


    1. Thank you!! That is the whole purpose of my blog: to share books with people! I hope you enjoy whichever ones you’ve added to your list 🙂 (let me know what you think of them when you get around to them!)

      UGH, the Timeline movie is SO disappointing!

      I agree, as long as the right graphics/special effects teams were used, The Giver could be great!


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