Sewing Funtime (1)

Hi Everyone!

I feel like I’ve neglected the blog a bit this week.  I’ve participated in the weekly memes; I even posted some before I left for work, but I haven’t really been on to read much this week.  I try to catch up when I get home to see what my blog friends have been up to, but I also spend all day in front of a computer so I usually like to take a break before getting back on.

Anywho, I wasn’t on at all yesterday because I took a sewing class right from work.  My good friend Kim suggested it, so we signed up at the Boston Center for Adult Education and last night was the first class.  The instructor is totally bonkers, in a good way.  She had us cracking up.  We went over the supply list and the “syllabus”  for the 8-week course.  We are scheduled to make 2 pillows (one with a center button and one with a zipper) and a pair of pajama pants.  If time allows, we’ll also make a bolster pillow.  (the instructor describes it as a tootsie roll) I’ll post pictures as I make these things.

Once we were finished with the “syllabus” we moved onto actually “using” the machine.  I’ve never used a sewing machine before and never really had any idea of how the threading worked. So we learned our instructor’s method: drive on the highway, get off at the exit, make a U-turn, make a second U-turn, stop at the stop sign then go…

Then we learned about the bobbin, and how to add thread to it. We had to follow similar road rules for that.

We found out bobbin’s name is Bobby.  The machines we used have the bobbin loaded in the bottom, and when we insert the bobbin, we must make sure the thread hangs to the left, creating a letter “P”. So, bobby is a bad boy who lives in the basement and eats peanut butter cookies (or pecan pie) and we need to get him out of the basement.

I’m not making this up, this is how she taught us.  Clearly, it’s working. haha

Anyway, she would show us a step, have us copy it on our individual machines, and repeat the process for each step.  By the time we actually got ready to make any stitches, there was 5 minutes left, so we each got to make about 2 seams on scrap material (which we got to take home).

I’m really looking forward to the class and I think I’m going to enjoy it.  Thanks, Kim!

Watch out, Project Runway!

(Also,when Kim and I were leaving, we smelled some yummy things going on…maybe a cooking class is next…?)


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