Monday Musings

Monday Musings (7)

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. Each Monday, a book-related question will be posted and we blog our answers, then link back to the original post. (You can find this week’s original post by clicking on the above image).

This week’s musing asks…

If you were going to write a book, what would you write about? Would it be fiction, or nonfiction?

I have always wished I was creative enough to write a book.  When I was younger I wrote a few short stories (nothing fantastic).  I even wrote an ending the way I would hate a real fantasy book to end: “it was all a dream.”  Thinking back, I can’t believe I did something like that. An ending like that (whether book, movie, or TV) is such a cop-out.

Anyway, I would love to write fiction.  Historical or children’s, I think.  I love the idea of historical fiction, it’s one of my favorite genres, but I know that it is a LOT of research in order for it to be as accurate as possible.  I think children’s stories could be fun to write because I think you could have more artistic license when writing for children.  They’re willing to believe more without questioning the details (sometimes, anyway. hehe)

One of my favorite stories I wrote as a kid was called “The Shoes” and it was about a boy in middle school (I think around 11 years old) who was on a basketball team that never won.  One day when he was at the mall, he stopped in a shoe store and bought an awesome pair of sneakers and when he played in his next basketball game he was the star of the game.  When he returned to the mall to ask about the sneakers, the shoe store was gone, but there was a piece of paper where the storefront had been and it was a note to him from the shop owner who happened to be an elf.  Something to that effect, anyway. 🙂

How about you?  Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or have you?


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings (7)

  1. I’ve always wanted to write a book – but life tends to get in the way. Guess I shouldn’t complain about that. Historical fiction would be awesome, but then you really need a LOT of time (or money, or both).

    Anywho, thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier 🙂


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