Sewing Funtime (2)

I’ve completed two sewing classes so far.  Between the first and the second classes we needed to buy our supplies to use for the projects.  The supply list included thread, woven cotton fabrics, pillow forms, pins, scissors, tailor’s chalk, and a few more items.  I thought it would be expensive, but with sales and coupons at JoAnn’s  Fabrics, I was able to save money and get a lot of stuff for a decent price (thanks for the tip about the phone app, Kim!).

materials for pillow #1

The plan is to use the circle pattern for the pillow itself and then use the brown fabric for the button.

The second class was a recap of what we learned (aka how to thread the machine and bobbin…remember the driving instructions and bobby in the basement?). Then we began working with the fabrics we bought to make our first pillows.  We used outlines to cut the correct amount of fabric for our pillows, and the tailor’s chalk to mark the corners where we needed to pivot the material to make one continuous seam. I was able to finish the seam around the entire pillow by the time class ended.

I used Paint to outline the seam in the photo since I used white thread. It was a quick job, so the Paint lines aren’t straight; but my seams probably aren’t either! But you get the idea…

So my guess is for next class we will add the pillow (after turning the material right-side out), learn how to sew up the opening (by hand) and add the button.  I’m wondering about adding the pillow though.  We had to leave an opening on one side, but still stitched corners (as you can see in the photo), so are we going to squish the pillow forms in there, or open the pillow forms up and stuff the stuffing inside?  Guess I’ll find out this week!

I also bought the material I need for my next two projects, a second pillow with a zipper (no button) and pajama pants. I can’t wait to make the pants!

materials for pillow #2
materials for pajama pants
(I just need to buy some elastic)

Anyway, I’m only two classes in but I already look forward to Thursdays. 🙂


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