SUPER NERD: Pottermore

Anyone on Pottermore?  It’s an interactive site about the Harry Potter books.  You follow the story chapter by chapter, picking up items (Galleons, Chocolate Frog cards, potions ingredients, etc.) so you can play along.  You get to buy supplies in Diagon Alley and get sorted into a House.

You can have wizard duels and brew potions.  If you win the duels and brew the potions correctly, you win points for your House.

Right now, all the way through Sorcerer’s Stone is available.

It’s the nerd/child in me, but it’s fun.

There are also interesting facts about the characters and certain aspects of the stories that weren’t in the books. For instance, there is a whole background story on McGonagall and her family.  All stuff that Rowling created but never put in the books. When you find certain objects, you unlock stuff to read from Rowling.

If you’re on it, look for me: AurorDust10933.

(they give you 5 different names to choose from…helps protect privacy).


31 thoughts on “SUPER NERD: Pottermore

  1. I am! I didn’t make the first round and was bemoaning the long wait for official launch a couple of months ago when my cousin said “Hey, by accident I got TWO Pottermore beta accounts, I reckon if I change one to your email address, it will be yours.”…and it worked! Haven’t been on in ages and haven’t done any house point earning stuff but it was super exciting anyway. Will have to get back into it…I’ll add you now 🙂


  2. I’m in Ravenclaw – SpiritNox20879. I haven’t had a chance to fully explore, but I’m planning an HP re-read at some point and want to read them as I go through Pottermore!


  3. I joined the beta testing too .. I was taotally hoooked for a couple of day .. The potion brewing is quiet difficult for me . That’s when I realized I wouldn’t have good time in snape’s class..:) Waiting for Chamber of secrets to come out ! I’m SickleSpirit42 btw 🙂


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