Crafty Thursday (1)

Crafty Thursday is a weekly meme hosted here at enchantedbybooks.  This is the inaugural post!  Anyone who does any kind of craft: sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, photography, paper-crafts, (literally anything!) is welcome to join in!  Each week, you can post about what crafts you’ve been working on.  Concerns, issues, triumphs, questions, advice…anything you feel like sharing regarding the crafty project you’re working on.

Since I find it too difficult/time-consuming to keep up with the two separate blogs as I mentioned here, I figured dedicating one post a week to my crafty side would be a good compromise. And since Thursday is the only day I don’t already do a weekly meme, it seemed to be the perfect day to do it 🙂

I’m going to try this for a few weeks and see how it goes.  If I get at least 10 people to participate each week, I’ll keep it going.

Join me by adding a link to your post in the comments!

Recently Finished: A little baby hat for my cousin who is expecting a baby in early September.

And a blanket for my niece that I started over a year and a half ago.  I worked on it sporadically mainly because I went through long periods of time where I didn’t do any knitting.  Then I started learning new techniques and didn’t want to do a basic blanket anymore.  But I finally finished it last weekend (which I mentioned here, click for images!).
One the needles: I started a blanket for the same baby boy.  And by started I mean I just cast on.  I’ve been debating on whether I want to follow a pattern or “make up” my own.  As of right now, my idea is just a basic basket stitch.

On deck: When I eventually finish the blanket (hopefully before he’s born), I think I’ll try and make something else baby-related for the baby.  I’d like to try out some new patterns.

This has been my biggest craft area for procrastination!  I have about 4 different scrapbooks to finish.   It is very time consuming and I don’t have a proper craft room.

Senior Year (college):  I’m probably less than halfway through this. I’ve broken it down by the different senior events that were held each month  throughout the school year, plus some randoms, Theta Phi, and graduation.  (I graduated 4 years ago today, by date – 18-May 2008).

France: I’m about halfway done on this one. Maybe a bit more actually.  This trip was four years ago next week (we left on 20-May-2008).  I’m actually waiting on a special part for the scrapbook.  M’s cousin sketched a picture of us asleep together on a train to Paris and I want a copy of it for my scrapbook.  Since cousin lives in France, it’s been difficult to get it.

Aruba: I started going to Aruba annually in 2010, so I’ve been there twice.  I decided to start a scrapbook where I’ll add each year into it.  I’m almost done with the 2010 trip and still have to add 2011 trip.  I’ll be going twice this year, once in August for a cousin’s wedding, and then the annual trip in December.  Definitely need to catch up!

Italy: I went to Italy in March of 2007.  So this is definitely the most slacked on scrapbook.  Part of it is because I still haven’t printed any of the pictures out.  This was one of my favorite trips, and I want to make sure I do it justice. I only had crappy disposable cameras at the time (my digital camera was all screwed up and I didn’t have time to get a new one before the trip) so I’m taking lots of pictures from the people who were on the trip with me (and by taking I mean saving the pictures they uploaded to Facebook…yup).  So I’ve saved a lot of them and I have a lot of stickers/embellishments and a book for it, I just need to print the pictures and sit down and get it done.  Eventually.

Recently Finished: As you know from my “Sewing Funtime” posts, I recently began a sewing class. We finished our first pillows! (well, technically I finished sewing up the last bit today after work, and not in class, but that’s okay!).  I really enjoy the class and would like to do the next level when these sessions are over.

On Deck: We will begin our second pillow (with a zipper) next session.

I’ll still do my Sewing Funtime post separate from this, where I will include more pictures and details. (I will link to the Sewing Funtime posts here, too).

(image for Crafty Thursday logo from Microsoft clipart.  I altered the image and added text using Microsoft Word)


5 thoughts on “Crafty Thursday (1)

  1. The only crafty thing I do is I collect all of my tickets (movies, special trips, museums, etc) and I’ve got a book that’s almost full. I’ve not updated it in over a year and should probably get on that so I can buy a new book. I’ve got most of my tickets that I wanted to keep back to the release of the first Harry Potter movie!


    1. I collect movie stubs, too! I started collecting back in 1998. I just have them in a rubber band. But I’m sure there are some missing from over the years!


      1. I’m definitely missing some – and two of my three most recent ones were washed in my wallet (whoops) when it went through the wash. I think one of my first tickets was too 😀


    2. I once took all my movie stubs up to that time and made a collage with them and Charlie Chaplin’s picture behind an old movie camera. It was on a 8×8 craft board and set with gel medium. A friend helped me do it, because I’m not very artsy. It’s so great to look back at it and think of the cheap movies I saw while a college student.


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