With My Reading Buddy

With My Reading Buddy #5

So this is my last post for the Power Lunch year. 😦

We had our last reading session last Tuesday, during which we completed our last (and twelfth) book of the Power Lunch program. Which was, surprisingly, NOT a scary story but (and I’m sure you may have had an idea) a Magic Tree House book!  (they are actually pretty cute).  Anyway it was #17, Tonight on the Titanic.  It was the beginning of another adventure. I guess four books are grouped for each adventure, where Jack and Annie need to find/collect/receive certain objects to help break a particular spell or curse.  Each book they get something new so that by the fourth book in the mini group, the spell can be broken.

So in Tonight on the Titanic they needed to receive the first gift to help save a dog.

During the sessions it took us to read the book, we talked a lot about the Titanic.  (My dad is obsessed and as Daddy’s Little Girl, I too was very into it when I was little).  A. really liked talking about it.  (And I think it may have been the one book where we didn’t somehow get sidetracked into talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops or other violent video games!) Anyway, I tried explaining to A. that just because they called her “unsinkable” it didn’t really mean she was.  I even used the book as an iceberg, a napkin for water (to show that a lot of the iceberg was hidden under the water) and my hand as the Titanic to show him how she hit the iceberg. He didn’t understand why they didn’t just turn her away from the ‘berg.  So I tried to explain that she was moving too fast, etc.  and he said “oooh okay……I still don’t think I get it”  HA!

Anyway, last week when I said “so our last reading for the year” he said “no! there are a thousand days left of school”   That made me feel good that he enjoys the reading.  I will definitely sign up in the fall again and I hope he does too; we’ll be paired up again.

This Tuesday (the 29th) we had the End of Year Celebration Breakfast during which we got to give our buddies books.  I did choose the Goosebumps (Give Yourself Goosebumps) books.  I found books 1 and 2 of the “series” on Amazon for about $3 each.  The first one  was delivered within just a couple of days but the second one still hasn’t arrived! (But they were purchased from the same seller and shipped the same day…go figure).  So I felt bad that I was only able to give him one.  I think he really liked it and I explained that he could follow different story lines to get different endings.  He tried to start reading it to himself right then!

I felt really bad for one of the other students who was talking with A.  He told A. his reading mentor’s name and kept looking at the door for him; I don’t think the mentor ever showed up. 😦

I’m glad I was able to to go to the Celebration.  Since A. is the youngest of 5, I think he may not get that much attention.  He said he already told his mom that he wants to do Power Lunch again, and I told the program coordinator I would be signing up again, too.

I’m really glad I participated in the program, it makes me feel good to know that I’m making a positive difference in someone’s life, especially someone young who has some much to learn and has so many opportunities ahead!


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