Sewing Funtime (5)

We started our pants yesterday!  Hooray.

First, let me tell you: following a pattern is much more involved than I ever thought!

Having said that, it was very interesting to learn more about sewing and I can’t wait to learn the next steps.  In the first four classes, the instructor would tell us what the step was while drawing it out on the dry erase board, show it to us 2 or 3 times, and then send us to our stations to do the steps.  After telling us what to  do, most of us were ready to get right to our stations (or at least after the first demonstration).  But with this new stuff, I was ready and willing to wait for her demonstrations.  We didn’t  even touch our machines yesterday.  In fact, I had to remove one of the patterns at home because we ran out of time in class.  (So I did it as soon as I got home :))

I was nervous when choosing my size as my hips measurement fell in between 2 sizes.  I chose to go up a size because obviously I want to make sure I can wear it if I’m putting the effort into it, no?  I’d rather the pants be too big than too small (if they can’t be just right).  But I’m thinking it will work out just fine.

So we got our pattern packets, and the patterns are printed on tissue paper.  And the particular “kit” we had included patterns for two different kinds of tops and the bottoms.  They were printed on HUGE pieces of tissue paper and we had to cut them up.  There was so much rustling going on in the room it sounded like rain (or one of those gift wrapping stations at stores during Christmastime).

Anyway, once we all cut out the correct pieces, we had to place them on the fabric and make sure they were lined up correctly.  I won’t bore you with the details on that.  Once it was pinned down, THEN we cut the correct size in the pattern and fabric at the same time.

This was the result (after removing the pattern from the fabric):


Not the best image, but the best I could get.  The fabric may look slightly faded, but it is inside out right now.  Also, you may notice the fabric cutout on the left is larger than the one on right (there are two pieces of fabric on each side, but you can only see 2 right now–they are pinned together).  At first I thought I accidentally cut two different sizes, but then I learned that each of those is not a leg, it is the front and back of the pants.  And the back needs to be bigger for the bum area.  (Duh!)  I still think they’re going to be kind of big (and the leg is probably going to be a bit longer than normal since I’m short), but I’m okay with it.  I’ll just be excited to have completed my very first pair of pants!

(I know, I know: 3 posts in one day?  I had to play catch up!)


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