ArmchairBEA: Let’s Talk Networking

I’m posting late today!

First, let me talk about the Twitter parties. Last night Twitter party #1 was held at 11pm EST, so I was in bed before it started.  I caught up on some of the tweets this morning on my way into work.  Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Anywho, today Twitter party #2 was held at 12pm EST, so I popped in a bit while on my lunch break at work.  I was happy that I could contribute and I started following a few new people and got a few more followers, so that was definitely fun!

Ok, moving along to today’s topic: Networking.

Even though I’ve been blogging since October (so for roughly 8 months), I still feel like a newbie and have a lot to learn.  I’ve never really considered “networking” in this process, but after seeing what some people use as networking, I guess I was inadvertently doing it myself.  I’m on Goodreads with over 700 total books on my bookshelves (with over 400 of them on the To Read queue alone!) and I’m part of a book club that was created here on WordPress but we moved to Goodreads for ease of discussion, etc.  And I have my blog linked to Twitter so if I have Twitter followers they’ll see the links to my posts.  I had my blog linked to my Facebook page for a while, but then decided to take it off (mainly because I didn’t like how it made it look like I had over 900 followers since I have 800+ friends on FB).  (My Goodreads account is linked to FB though).

I talk about my blog with people and I definitely interact a lot with other bloggers through weekly memes, reading challenges and now the ArmchairBEA.  Using these features seems more like networking to me. For example, I had never heard of Dewey’s Read-a-Thon and after seeing some  fellow bloggers participate, I definitely want to join in for the next one.

Not that long ago I heard about NetGalley from Geoff at The Oddness of Moving Things and signed up.  I requested a few titles and got turned down.  After a short period of neglect, I got back on it and requested a few more titles.  Imagine my surprise when I got accepted!  So I’ve been rejected twice and excepted 5 times!  It’s a great way to get my blog out there.  My first NetGalley review can be found here and I got a really nice email from my contact at the publisher after I published my review, which made me feel great!

But for offline networking, I definitely want to get into author signings and book events.  There is the Boston Book Festival held in (you guessed it) Boston. (at least I think that’s what it’s called) and it sounds really interesting and would be something I’d like to attend. (And Geoff – see above for a link to his site – mentioned that he heard they are looking for community lead sessions…go to his site and ask him about it!) I would love to look up some other events that would be easy to attend and aren’t costly.  And I definitely would LOVE to get to BEA at some time in my life.

I saw this great idea on Twitter today during the ArmchairBEA Twitter party:

I think it would be awesome if after #armchairbea is over we could put up a list of bloggers by city/state? May make it easier to meet up
What a great way to network offline, no??

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