Sewing Funtime (6)

I know I’ve been MIA for the past week, but after doing the Armchair BEA, I decided I needed a small break.  But only when I wrote the title for this post did I realize I missed a Sewing Funtime post for last week’s class…womp womp.

Anyway,  in the last two sewing classes we worked more on our pajama pants.  I’m so excited for the way they’re coming out!  We actually got to put them on (over our clothes) this week to determine where our waistband and pant hemlines needed to be.  I sewed up the inseam of the pants and we added the elastic for the waistband (we didn’t do a drawstring because learning how to make buttonholes is more involved and not part of level 1, I guess).  Anywho, all that is left to do on the pants is hem the pant legs!  I’m so excited 🙂

M says “peace, man” when he sees my pants; he thinks they’re hippie
the waistband
the instructor gave us ribbon to add to the back of the pants to use as a clever!

I’m a little sad that we only have one class left 😦  But we will finish our pants and then make a bolster pillow (I still need to get those materials!).

We learned a bit more about what happens in level 2: a seat cushion, a pillow with piping, a table runner, and 3 sample curtains…all in 8 weeks! (and I thought 3 pillows and a pair of pants was ambitious!)

Oh and I also give WAY more credit to the people who do stuff like this for a career.  It’s a lot more work than I expected, so I definitely have a new respect for the contestants on Project Runway… how they can do all they do in such a short amount of time is beyond me!


Between the two classes I got an awesome addition to my sewing collection. And by collection, I mean I just started it!  Anywho, M’s (that’s my boyfriend) uncle is like a picker, he goes to yard sales and flea markets all the time.  We visited him last weekend and he mentioned he had a sewing box.  Obviously I was intrigued.  So he took it out for me to look at.  I opened it up and there were so many spools of thread and random sewing paraphernalia inside!  We gave him $10 for it and took it home:

vintage-y, no?



removable tray with some notions
zipper, lace for seam edges?
scissor sharpener
buttoneer — button maker?
Dritz electric scissors

Now if only I had a machine…. (still working on getting my mom’s back, though I don’t really have the room for it here in my apartment).



3 thoughts on “Sewing Funtime (6)

    1. No kidding, huh? M’s uncle definitely finds some cool treasures (not often..haha).

      Hahaha thanks for the vote of confidence. They’re a lot more time consuming that I thought!! But it’s fun and I feel very accomplished with what I’ve done so far 🙂


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