Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Mount TBR Challenge: Mt. Vancouver: Checkpoint #2

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So I almost missed this post!  Luckily, I recently subscribed to My Reader’s Block via email (and I saw Geoff’s post for it) so I didn’t miss it!

Anyway, a quick reminder: I chose Mt Vancouver, which equals 25 books.

So of the 25 books, I’ve completed 4.  So that’s better than where I was at the first Checkpoint (0!):  16%

The four books are:

1. The Map of Time, Felix J. Palma
2. The Twelfth Enchantment, David Liss
3. The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern
4. Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie

So in addition to marking our progress, Bev has also encouraged us to figure out where we would be on the actual mountain miles-wise.

According to Wikipedia, Mt. Vancouver is 15,787 feet so I’ve gone 2525.92 feet up the mountain!

She also suggested writing a poem using the completed titles and/or a favorite character and/or a book that surprised me.

Since I only read 4 books and the titles are rather short (and I’m not all that creative) I’m going to skip the poem thing.  (If you can come up with a poem using those books titles, leave it in the comments!)

So… a favorite character?  H. G. Wells from The Map of Time and Bailey from The Night Circus.

A book that surprised me?  Maybe surprised by how much I enjoyed The Night Circus, as I’ve told many people it is my favorite book read this year.  Peter Pan surprised me in that I realized the Disney version was more kid-friendly and Peter a more likable character.

I definitely want to finish this list by the end of the year.  With a couple of vacations requiring airplanes (and involving laying on the beach), I know I’ll definitely be able to tackle some of these without a problem.  Maybe I’ll save the Kindle ones for my vacations so I won’t have to carry any…

This is definitely one challenge I will do every year because it’s nice to “clear off” the shelves. 🙂


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