Blog Awards

Here I Am…

…Sort of.

Hi all… sorry for my continued absence!  I really need to step it up and get back into the swing of things….

Recently, I was nominated for two more blog awards!

The first was The Liebster Blog Award from Katy over at katy brandes writes: Thank you so much Katy!

The second award was from the Literary Tiger and is called The Booker Award: Thank you very much!!

I’m working on a post to fulfill all the “rules” for these and will post it soon, but I wanted to make sure both of these ladies knew I appreciated the nod!

 I am still reading (books & blogs), I just haven’t been posting.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


OH! Also, I received my prize from the Armchair BEA the other day!  A boxed set of note cards and three really lovely journals based on prints created by John Robshaw.  I’ll post pictures later because I’m having issues with my camera (it fell in the river when I was camping last’s finally turning on and taking pictures but they’re not registering on my computer…technology and I are apparently in a fight).


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