Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2012

Holy cow, can’t believe I only JUST remembered my Wrap-Up!  What’s going on with me?  Oh yes, technology is my enemy right now! (and I’m super busy at work and spend all day in front of a computer so I’m pretty tired and just want to veg out by the time I get home)

July was actually pretty productive!

Back to the Classics Challenge: 5/9 (55.6%)
Increased by one. I read The Secret Garden for one of the categories; what a lovely book!  I haven’t yet written my review, but I will!

What’s in a Name? Challenge: 2/6 (33.3%)
Increased by one.  The book I read really wasn’t all that great, but hey, it satisfied the challenge!

50 States Challenge: 6/50 (12%)
Increased by one. Ugh!  Definitely slacking in this challenge.  I think I mentioned it before, but this challenge will probably roll over into 2013.

Historical Fiction Challenge: 7/20 (35%)
Increased by one. I will definitely finish this before the year is out.  I have plenty waiting on my shelf!

Mount TBR Challenge: 4/25 (16%)
No change.

Overall Reading Challenge: 27/75 (36%)
Increased by 4.

I realize that the Over Reading Challenge could have higher numbers than additions to each separate challenge as I might read books that don’t fit into any of them.  For July, however, the numbers still came out smoothly…increased 4 challenges by 1 book each and my overall increase was 4.   I know that the month of August will play out differently.

Okay…well it seemed to be more productive…


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