Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2012

Back to the Classics Challenge: 5/9 (55.6%)
No change.

What’s in a Name? Challenge: 4/6 (66.7%)
Ok, so there’s an increase of two from last month, but I realized during the month of August that a book I read earlier this year would satisfy one of the categories, so I only recently added it.

50 States Challenge: 6/50 (12%)
No change.

Historical Fiction Challenge: 7/20 (35%)
No change.

Mount TBR Challenge: 4/25 (16%)
No change. (If you were to look at the list right now, there is another one…but I finished it yesterday, so it doesn’t count in the August wrap up!)

Overall Reading Challenge: 31/75 (41.3%)
Increased by 4. Only one of these satisfies any of the challenge categories.  The others are, uh, the Fifty Shades of Grey books.  I don’t plan to write a full review of them because there’s already so much out there that reflects how I feel about them.  So I’ll just do a quick thing here: They were quick enough to read, however by the middle of the third book  I was skimming sections just to get to the end so I would be done.  The character development was not believable…mainly because there wasn’t much at all.  For an avid classics reader who loved Austen, etc. Ana never really learned to take a page out of those books with such strong heroines (no pun intended).   I’ll end with this: I’m surprised that 1. Christian didn’t end up with a neck brace from all the head-cocking he did, 2. Ana didn’t end up chewing her bottom lip off, and 3. that anyone understood each other with all of the muttering and mumbling!  OK, that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to ramble on, but I will end with one more word: thesaurus.


4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2012

  1. Now when I suggested taking a break and reading non-challenge books I didn’t think you’d be reading that! (The Shock! The Horror!) Haahaa – Sounds about like what everyone else has had to say about them.


      1. I’m sure I’ll check them out eventually (like Twilight) but only well after everyone’s forgotten about them and I won’t have to deal with people ACTUALLY reading what I have to say 😀


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