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REVIEW: An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea Thalsinos

An Echo Through the Snow
Andrea Thalasinos
Net Galley (e-book edition)

Goodreads Synopsis: Andrea Thalasinos’s debut novel is an inspiring story of how a single act of kindness can transform your life.

Rosalie MacKenzie is headed nowhere until she sees Smokey, a Siberian husky suffering from neglect. Rosalie finds the courage to rescue the dog, and—united by the bond of love that forms between them—they save each other.  Soon Rosalie and Smokey are immersed in the world of competitive dogsled racing. Days are filled with training runs, the stark beauty of rural Wisconsin, and the whoosh of runners on snow. Rosalie discovers that behind the modern sport lies a tragic history: the heartbreaking story of the Chukchi people of Siberia. When Stalin’s Red Army displaced the Chukchi in 1929, many were killed and others lost their homes and their beloved Guardians—the huskies that were the soul and livelihood of their people.

Alternating between past and present, telling of a struggling Chukchi family and a young woman discovering herself, An Echo Through the Snow takes readers on a gripping, profound, and uplifting dogsled ride to the Iditarod and beyond, on a journey of survival and healing.

At the publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied

While this sounds like a really interesting read, it was very  hard for me to get into.  I had trouble with the bouncing back and forth (which normally does not bother me).  I was more interested in the “present-day” timelime with Rosalie than the past with the Chukchi people, so I would want to hurry through the past to get back to the present-day.  I really wanted to get into this and enjoy it.  After struggling with it on and off for a couple of months I decided to give up.  I hate giving up on a book, though.  There really wasn’t anything bad about it per se, I just couldn’t get into it.  I love dogs and huskies, which was all the more disappointing that I couldn’t get into it.

Clearly Rosalie and Smokey are meant for each other; Rosalie is in an unhappy, abusive relationship and Smokey has been neglected and has a crappy “owner”.  Even in the bit that I read (~42% of the book), I could see that their relationship, their bond, formed quickly.  I think it was planning to show how Rosalie was becoming an independent person, finding her own way with the help of Smokey and a new job. Unfortunately, the story just didn’t grab my attention the way I was hoping it would.

Maybe I’ll try to read it again in the future…?

Have any of you read this?  Thoughts?

(No compensation was received for the review of this title.)

Edit 30-Sept (5 days after original post): I decided to look at Amazon to read reviews (if any) on this book to see if I was just really missing the mark or if I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did.  Whenever I review stuff on Amazon, I tend to read the lower starred reviews for any products just to see what the worst have to say.  This was no different.  There were no 1-star reviews, which was good, and also only a few 2-star reviews.  The two-star reviews did seem to align with my thoughts and the reviewers were much better at articulating their thoughts than I was with mine.  Here’s a link to amazon.com and the 2-star reviews to get a better understanding of my opinon and what I was trying to say. But obviously feel free to check out the higher rated reviews too!


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