Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2012

Yay, posting on the last day again!  Anyway, here’s my September Wrap Up.  Based on my progress, I don’t think I’ll hit my goal this year.  But you never know; colder weather makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with a book… and I do have a vacation coming up in December that may be my last push to get a few more books in (last year I think I read 4 books during that vacation…)

Without further ado…

Back to the Classics Challenge: 5/9 (55.6%)
No change, but I have made more progress in The Count. I do enjoy the story and seem to be able to pick it up where I left off.  However, all the different names for the same characters can be a bit confusing (you know, the titles and the names…)  You have no idea how excited I’ll be to add The Count to a few of these lists/challenges!

What’s in a Name? Challenge: 4/6 (66.7%)
Again, no change.

50 States Challenge: 8/50 (16%)
Increased by 2. But I say 8 because I have 8 reviews, however one was about a book I couldn’t finish…Does it count?

Historical Fiction Challenge: 9/20 (45%)
Another increase by 2.

Mount TBR Challenge: 5/25 (20%)
Increased by 1.

Overall Reading Challenge: 36/75 (48%)
Increased by 5.  Not bad.  Roughly averaging a book a week then, right?

Anyway, that’s where I am this month.  How is your reading going?


What do you think?

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