Next Year…

Yes I’m looking toward next year.  I think I’m going to take a break from challenges.  I definitely didn’t realize what I was getting into with signing up for so many.  Luckily, I was able to use the same book for more than one challenge, but I think I felt too restricted, and then I got into a reading slump, and I think part of that was due to feeling restricted.  And by restricted, I mean I felt locked-in once I decided to read something.  “Well, it’s for the xyz challenge, so now I need to read it” rather than it being a more natural selection…

I will eventually read all the books that are listed in my 2012 challenges, but I’m not concerned if they’re not finished this year.  I’m going to focus on reading more for my enjoyment or whatever, without the pressures of challenges (even though they’re supposed to be fun!).

I will eventually also get back into the weekly memes!

Oh and guess what?  With My Reading Buddy starts this Tuesday! 🙂  So you can definitely count on seeing those monthly posts.  (as well as my monthly wrap ups!)

Thank you to everyone who’s still “liking” and commenting on my sporadic blog posts.  I’m catching up on the ones that I follow by email, and maybe there are a few more I should add since I haven’t been keeping up here on wordpress…

Okay, well that’s it from me tonight.  Good night all!


6 thoughts on “Next Year…

  1. I also decided to do no challenges next year. I’m not even signed up for as many as you, but I’m not hosting anything, I’m not doing group reads, I’m not doing anything where I have to TRACK ANYTHING at all.

    I have already started a post for January first where I dub 2013 the Year of Reading Whatever the F*** I Want. 🙂


  2. I’ll only be doing one which is the Mount TBR challenge at the lowest level. And that’s mostly because I will be doing that anyway to work on clearing off my bookshelves. If other challenges happen to fit in whatever books I decide to read then good for them. I’m definitely going to put a limit on the number of books I ever put into a challenge (less than half of the total I would normally read in a year).

    It’ll be a good year regardless of what we all do! 😀


    1. Yes, I’ll be playing catch up, too, but I feel like it will be a lifetime goal 😉

      I’m not going to stress over it; reading is one of my favorite things, and I don’t want to lose that!


      1. Definitely! I’m glad I limited myself to the challenges I did, although it’s been stressful and I’ve felt restricted, I’ve still had some freedom. But if I would’ve done everything I wanted I would still be chipping away and not even approaching the books I wanted to read.


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