With My Reading Buddy

With My Reading Buddy #6

The volunteer reading program started last week.  I should have two weeks under my belt, but A. was not in school yesterday.   I hope everything was OK!

Anyway, he’s in 3rd grade now, and even though we read together last year, we still did the “get to know you” questionnaire.  One of the questions was “who is your hero?” and he said his friend M. is his hero because when he gets picked on M. tells the other kids to stop (and beats them up, according to A.)   I thought that was really cute that he would say choose a friend; not a parent, sibling or superhero but an another kid at his school.

He also said he really enjoyed the Goosebumps book I got him at the end of last year.  Maybe he did really do some reading over the summer!  He asked if he could bring in a scary book that he has at home so we could read it together. (He loves those scary stories!).  In the meantime, we picked out a book about the real-life Jaws (named Michale), but didn’t get to start it, so hopefully we will next week.

I’m really looking forward to the school year and hope to tell you guys some fun stories about reading with a 3rd grader!


8 thoughts on “With My Reading Buddy #6

        1. Haha..this isn’t a challenge…just a 1-hour-a-week volunteer program I do through my work. But I like to talk about it, so I do a wrap up at the end of each month to update on what’s going on with that. 🙂


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