A Brief Political Rant

Please don’t let the title alarm you (too much).  Let me start by saying two things: 1. This is not bashing one party over the other. 2. I am not the most politically savvy person. (please feel free to post constructive criticism!)

What better day to post a “rant” than on the eve of the presidential election? With all the commercials, news stories, etc. going around, it’s hard not to be swept up in the brouhaha.  However, it’s easy to get very frustrated very quickly with all of this in our faces 24/7.

Last night I watched the opening segment to 60 Minutes and was completely disgusted by what I heard.  The members of the Senate are not willing to compromise.  How can the best decisions be made without compromise?  No one side is ever completely right, nor will one ever be.  The best decisions are made with all options laid out on the table, but they’re not even willing to do that.  Those who are willing to work together, despite their party affiliation, have, according to the 60 Minutes segment, retired, died, were not re-elected or are choosing to resign because the “newer” wave of members aren’t willing to hash it out behind closed doors to make a good, sound decision.  (click here for a brief preview clip of the segment, the full episode is not up on yet).

My suggestion: get rid of parties altogether.  State the issue, tell me your stance (for/against/other), and tell me how, in detailed steps, you plan to fix it.  End of story.

People don’t really push against their parties.  They vote with their parties, but what if that decision isn’t what’s best for the public? Staying so fixed without hearing the other side(s) is not the way to do things. It’s stubborn.  Why won’t they listen to each other? Are they being bullied or bribed into their decisions or do they really not care, as long as they get paid? Do they feel they need to vote one way because they are labeled with that party name?  I’m not saying this is true of all politicians, of course; there are some out there who truly want to make good changes for the public. But it’s certainly very easy to see the growing apathy in the United States because people don’t believe the government really cares.

Do you know what resolution was UNANIMOUSLY passed by the Senate on September 12, 2012? One that promotes awareness and prevention of falls among older people. (September 22, 2012, officially called National Falls Prevention Awareness Day) Um, what?! I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  That link goes right to Are you kidding me?  Why do we need a date to let us know old people fall? We pay tax dollars for this?

Where are the decisions and discussions on taxes, education, jobs, immigration?  I’m sorry, but aren’t these more serious national issues than the fact that old people fall?  (The old “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Lifelife Medical Alert commercials have been telling us that for years!)

I’m getting frustrated thinking of the other things I want to write.  Those need a lot more time for me to clearly write my thoughts out, not to mention this would no longer be a brief “rant”.  So with that…

Happy Election Day Eve.

<End of rant.>


2 thoughts on “A Brief Political Rant

  1. Hee hee. I am only giggling because I’m happy that I’m not the only one who can’t help a political ‘rant’ once in a while. I don’t understand politicians who laud their ‘no compromise’ stance. I live in a house with 2 others and I have to compromise a dozen times a day!


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