Sewing Funtime (8)

I’ve had this post in draft form since the middle of August, but was waiting to publish it until I could take pictures of my other projects.  Unfortunately, my camera is broken and I’ve slacked, so I’ve only now taken pictures, so here’s just a wrap up on that…

So Kim and I decided to take the second level of sewing, which started at the beginning of July, after the holiday.  We made a seat cushion, a pillow with piping, a table runner and three curtain samples.

I’m so mad at myself with the seat cushion because I measured the material 3 times before I cut it and still cut it an inch too big…mainly because I read the ruler wrong (at least I was consistent with that, right?…right?)  And at least I know what the problem was…

One of the fabric places our instructor (the same lady, Julia) told us about turns out to be about a 10 minute walk away from my work, so I went there to get the materials I needed for the rest of the projects for the duration of the class.  But I don’t know if I would go there to buy fabrics for clothing or whatever; JoAnn’s has a much bigger selection and just seems cleaner (but the fabric store is pretty cool and good to know it’s nearby in a pinch!)

I really didn’t care for working with the cord (on tape) and the zipper presser foot we used, but maybe it was just the particular cord I got (or the material?)  Anyway, it wasn’t horrible, I just didn’t really like using it.


I was very pleased with my table runner.  We learned about stitch witchery, which was pretty cool and super easy to use.


We learned how to make 3 different styles of curtains so now I have 3 mini samples of curtains I’ll never use in a fabric pattern I would never use for curtains, but they’re cute nonetheless!

I’ve only uploaded a picture of one of the curtains since I used the same fabric.  They’re all basically the same thing, you would just use different means of hanging them up (whether you use a curtain rod or clips).


I haven’t taken any new classes since this second round of classes ended.  I planned to take a break since the holidays were coming up (and here they are!), not to mention that the next level is a project of our choice, so I would need a machine at home to work on it, which I don’t have…yet.

Mark got me one for my birthday (which is tomorrow!), but we had to order it online because the one I wanted was not in the store.  So I’m super excited and I’ve been looking up patterns to do.  I think I will start with a simple skirt… 🙂

Sidenote: I think my blog is becoming more than just book reviews… and I’m okay with it!


7 thoughts on “Sewing Funtime (8)

  1. First of all, Happy Birthday! Secondly, good for you. I’ve recovered furniture, and measured and cut, only to be off as well. SO frustrating!!! Third, I like the fabric for the chair. I think it is dynamic. So great post – GOLD STAR!


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