Book Review

Book Reviews

So I’ve definitely slacked off in the book review writing, but I haven’t completely slacked off in reading.  I think I’ve given up writing reviews for the rest of the year…which is what, only 5 weeks?   Holy cow, there are only 5 weeks left in the year?! (It really didn’t hit me ’til I wrote it…)

Anyway, I did want to mention that I just finished I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak.  What a great book!  I read The Book Thief last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  When I heard Zusak had another book, I looked it up and added it to my “to read” list.  I did it so long ago that I completely forgot what it was about.  (Actually, even when I re-read the synopsis, it didn’t ring any bells…maybe I just automatically added it because I enjoyed The Book Thief so much…?)

In preparation for my upcoming vacation, I started looking up books from my “to read” queue that I could borrow from the library on my Kindle and I Am The Messenger was available.  I downloaded it and then decided to read it now; I’m so glad I did!  Have any of you read it yet?  (I say yet because if you haven’t, be sure to read it soon!)

My goal is to read at least 4 books during the vacation, so I’ll at least break the 50 book mark for this year.

Okay, that is all for now!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!


13 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. I haven’t read it, and doubt I will. I enjoyed The Book Thief but not so much to want to read more of his writing.

    And no stress on the no reviews, you’ve had other fun stuff going on! I skipped writing reviews for probably half my books the first year I did my blog. My second year’s main goal was to write a review for all of them (mostly by forcing myself to write the review before I could start another book) and I stuck to it!


    1. That’s a good idea; I tend to read multiple books before writing a review. I guess writing it after reading would keep it fresh and probably produce a better review… I may follow your lead on that!


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