Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2012

monthly wrapup

I guess I only read two books in November… I thought I read more.  Though I am in the middle of 2 other books (on the floor next to my bed).

Back to the Classics Challenge: 6/9

What’s in a Name? Challenge: 4/6

50 States Challenge: 9/50

Historical Fiction Challenge: 10/20 

Mount TBR Challenge: 7/25 

Overall Reading Challenge: 48/75 

Very few updates/changes in these challenges.  I’m definitely staying away from challenges in 2013.  Just focusing on whatever comes my way.

And speaking of whatever comes my way, I’m playing catch-up on blog posts that I follow by email and I’m way backed up (just finished going through October!) and it’s super dangerous because I just keep adding books to my “to read” list…  I’m never going to read all the books unless I hit the lottery and don’t have to work anymore…

I know I’m not going to hit my reading goal, so I’m going to keep it at 75 for 2013.  See if I can make more progress on it.  Also, by a suggestion from Geoff, I will try to put up a review before starting the next book, to keep it as fresh as possible in my mind.  (Thanks, Geoff!)

Oh and what’s really throwing a wrench in my plans (especially my vacation plans!) is my Kindle: it’s starting to freeze on me!  I just downloaded 6 books from the library on it and now I can’t even read them.  Ahhhhhh!!!  At least I have some “real” books on my shelf to take with me…

Maybe Santa will bring me the new Kindle Paperwhite 😉

(Does anyone have that?  Thoughts/experiences??)


4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2012

  1. You’re welcome! Hope it works out. Have you tried jiggling the on/off switch back and forth a few times and then holding it on? That’s how I’ve reset mine in the past.


    1. Yes, that helped a couple of times. But now it’s been frozen for over a week, so it’s safe to say my Kindle is gone 😦 Santa is going to bring me the new paperwhite one though 😉


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