With My Reading Buddy

With My Reading Buddy #7

withmyreadingbuddyI’m posting my end-of-month stuff a day late, but hey, I’m posting it!

So I’ve met with A. a couple more times this year.  We’re reading a collection of, you guessed it, scary stories!  This is a book he had at home.  So at least he’s interested in reading his own books, right?  Sometimes, I wonder if it’s really appropriate to be reading, but then I remember we read a similar book that was part of the program’s book collection, so if they’re offering them, they must be approved!

The first book we started to read was a book about the “real life Jaws”.  Honestly, I did not think it was well written for a child (a lot of sailing speak: nautical miles, latitude, longitude, etc.) and it was barely holding my interest, nevermind A’s.  It was also told from the Shark’s point of view, which I thought was strange considering it was supposed to be a true story… So we decided to call it quits.  I found Jumanji in the book bin, so we read that first instead.  Now, I’ll admit, I had never read the book before then, but do enjoy the movie!  So, the book was decent, if short and not very detailed (I think they did a great job of expanding the story for the movie).  I told A. it was a movie and he asked if it was “On Demand”.  I told him sometimes it is and sometimes it’s on  a regular TV channel.  After we read the book, he asked me to write the name of the movie down so he could ask his mom to look for it.  The following week he said it turns out his family had the movie and he’d watched it a couple of times.  I’m so glad he was interested in the book enough to see out the movie!

Anyway, I think A. enjoys talking with someone and having someone listen to him (even if we chat about half of the time we should be reading!  He likes to interrupt with questions/comments/stories, that have a fairly tenuous connection to any part of the story we’re currently reading…)


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