Serialized Novels

I was contacted by Jenny from Plympton back in October about serialized fiction for digital readers.  I was intrigued and checked out their site and agreed to read one of their novels.

The idea behind the serialization is that novels are broken down into installments and delivered periodically.  (makes sense to me).  Anyway, Jenny and I were talking about how a review could be posted and I thought a post after each installment would be a fun thing to do, rather than a wrap up review at the end.

I’ve finally read the first installment and I’m hooked on this particular story.  (I’ll write a post about it later).

What I wanted to do with this post was get your opinions.  What do you think of the idea of serializing novels?

It makes me think “old school”.  The first thing I thought of when I read Jenny’s email was the stories I’ve heard about listening to story installments on the radio before there was television.


5 thoughts on “Serialized Novels

  1. I think serialized novels are great! I can only list my reasons why…lol
    1. They keep me “hanging on” for the story, if they are well written and end with cliffhangers.
    2. Since the first release of The Green Mile (as a serialized novel) I have wished for and wanted more.
    3. They are easier to read for people with little time to read a whole novel at once.
    4. It gives you time to truly think about and digest each installment of the story. Sometimes, as readers, we rush to finish, instead of savoring the detail and happenings.
    5. Many of Dickens’ own novels were published as serials, in fact many classic authors had something serialized. Because before books became affordable for the masses, it was less expensive and would read wider audiences as a serial.
    6. I LOVE old radio shows and (sheepishly admit, and will deny) soap operas at one point.
    7. In today’s information rich, technology driven world, I can see serialized novels coming back into vogue for nostalgia reasons, but also for practical reasons. Something to read in line, at the doctor’s office, etc.


    1. Each and every one of your reasons makes complete sense! In fact, on Plympton’s website, they comment on the fact that old books (like Dickens) used to be in serial format.

      Thanks for much for your thoughtful comment; it’s much appreciated! 🙂


  2. I like the idea of them, but feel like they would drive me crazy! I’ve loved the compiled versions of serialized novels I’ve read, but wonder if I would have the patience to actually seek them out monthly/weekly to read them as they were coming out. Even TV doesn’t get that much out of me 😀


    1. That’s true. When I got the copy of this book to review, I received the first 4 installments at once. I’m reading and reviewing one installment at a time, but I didn’t stop to consider what it would be like to wait for each subsequent one… If I’m really into the story I think it will definitely be frustrating (but not nearly as so when waiting for an author to finish the next book in a series…cough cough George R R Martin & A Song of Ice and Fire cough cough) 🙂


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