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REVIEW: The Many Lives of Lilith Lane – Episode III

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This is a review of the third installment of E. V. Anderson’s The Many Lives of Lilith Lane.


No re-capping/re-introduction in this installment, it picked up right where the second one ended.

Lilith definitely didn’t believe that the police’s suspect was the culprit, and she discovered who was.  I mentioned in my review of episode 2 that I thought it was two people working together though I didn’t understand their motive; it was based solely on the writing and the observations Lilith made.  I was half right.  One of those people is the culprit, but so far it’s being explained as an accident.  We’ll see if that’s truly the case.

We finally get to see Lilith jump again, but it’s pretty much at the very end of the episode so we only see a quick scene. But it’s a doozy, considering what we learned in the original reality!

As I continue to read, I think my only problem is with the writing. I think it’s slightly juvenile, in that it’s very easy to see where the story was going.  Lilith is pretty detailed in describing her observations as well as her thoughts, so it ends up showing really only one path that the story must go down; not necessarily giving us a few different ways.  You know how readers can sometimes piece together other alternatives or get a sense that there are other characters who could be the “bad guy”?  I don’t really see that in this story.  It’s fairly cut and dry, I guess. I don’t think I’m explaining myself well, but I guess it just doesn’t seem all that sophisticated as a mystery.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still an enjoyable quick read for entertainment’s sake.  Am I making sense?

I’m curious to see how things play out in the alternate reality.  I mean, there are still questions to be asked and answered (for both Lilith and the reader) since the alternate reality is slightly different from the original reality.  For example, we learn that Beth still gets abducted in the alternate reality, but regardless of whether Lilith saves her, would she still end up murdered? Maybe she was abducted for ransom in this reality. Would the murderer be the same person? If Lilith is trying to prevent Beth’s murder in the alternate reality, would she be stopping the right person?


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