Gathered Clutch

After I got my sewing machine (Okay, who am I kidding, even before I got it…) I was looking everywhere online for free sewing patterns/tutorials.  I wanted to find something small and relatively “easy” to do as a first project.  So I googled, I browsed blogs and I stumbled upon  The best thing about allfreesewing, aside from it being free, is that a lot of the links to the patterns/tutorials led me to blogs so I’ve started following a few more people 🙂

Anyway, I saved, favorited and printed out a number of patterns already (some free, some to buy), and the first one I decided to attempt was the Gathered Clutch found on  I thought this was really cute but also realized it could be a good first project because I had enough fabric scraps from my spring/summer sewing classes that I could begin working on it right away!  I didn’t get very far though, because there were a few items I didn’t have and I left for vacation.  After my vacation, I went to JoAnn’s to get the fusible web (I used heat n’ bond), and a zipper.  I had everything else!

gathered clutch
Ta da!

I discovered that I need to teach myself and/or learn from someone/somewhere else how to pair different fabric patterns together since I don’t feel all that confident/creative in that area.  (If you click on the link to the tutorial, you can see the great fabric patterns used together…I would never have thought to try them together!)

The interior has a lining as well as a dividing pocket in the middle and one side has a double pocket (you could fit two credit cards).  I tried to get pictures of it, but the fabric wasn’t really cooperating.  You can kind of see the stitching where the double pocket is separated at the top of the picture…can’t you?

gathered clutch 2
Top of image: double pocket
Bottom of image: dividing pocket

My only disappointment in this clutch is my own fault: I sewed the liner way too close to the zipper so the zipper keeps getting stuck.  But overall, I’m really pleased with my first attempt at a sewing project on my own without an instructor! 🙂


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