With My Reading Buddy

With My Reading Buddy #8


Normally I post this on the last day of the month, but since the last day of this month is also the last day of the year and I have a few other posts in the works, I figured I’d post this now, so I won’t have numerous posts on the same day.

Anyway, I’ve only met with A. twice in the month of December.  I was on vacation the first week and then last week was Christmas and the school is on vacation.

Still More Scary Stories for Stormy Nights
We’re still reading the collection of short horror stories that he brought in.  Some of them are strange.  Hopefully we’ll finish it soon and we can move onto something new!

I’m pretty sure this is the book we’re reading.   Apparently, there are a lot of these scary stories books out there, and there is no description of the individual stories within the book, so without having the book in front of me, I’m guessing this is the cover we have (plus, I remembered the name Charbonneau and the other installments of these books had different authors….)

Do you have any suggestions for books I can introduce to A. in the new year?  Whether scary/horror or otherwise? He ended up really enjoying Jumanji, even though it was a short book (and honestly, I thought the movie was more exciting); so maybe some type of adventure stories?


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