2013 Blog Resolutions

I’ve seen a bunch of people doing resolutions for their blogs, and I’ve decided to do some, too.  Here goes…

1. Don’t stress
I don’t have to post every day.  And I shouldn’t feel forced/obligated to post anything.

2. Participate in the weekly memes again
Maybe this goes against my first resolution, but I would like to begin participating in the weekly memes again.  Maybe not all of the ones I used to do, or even all the time, but I’d like to do them every now and again.

3. Complete the challenges I joined
Now, I know this could also interfere with #1, but it’s OK if I do the challenges slowly, at my own pace, and even OK if I don’t finish them.  But since I only signed up for a couple and there aren’t too many books for each (and they can overlap), I really want to complete them.

4. Write about non-book related things
I’d like to put up more posts that aren’t book related; I’m still trying to figure out what I really want this blog to be.  Of course, it’s primarily books, but over the past year-ish I’ve started to do more crafty things, and I’d like to talk about those too (aka my sewing adventures).  I’ve seen, read and started following so many great sewing/craft blogs and I’d love to join that community as well.

and most importantly:

(I think this is self-explanatory, no?)

What are your resolutions?


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