An unexpected find

So Mark and I went out on Saturday to do a few errands and decided to stop at the Garment District.  I was thinking about looking for fun fabric regardless of what the article of clothing looked like. (I doubt I could turn something ugly into something fun – at least not yet -, but it would be getting fun fabrics at decent prices that I could use for other things)

Anyway, I saw two cute dresses and ended up getting them for the dresses (not just the fabric!).  I didn’t bother trying them on though, because I figured if they didn’t fit, I could find some use for the fabric.  And they were pretty cheap too.  (I did try them on when I got home and they do fit…hooray!)

But my big score of the day (and I should actually give credit to Mark since he found it), was a 2.5 yard piece of canvas…..for $4!!!!  I’ve seen the price of canvas in JoAnn’s, which could easily go into the double digits per yard, so how could I not pick this up?!

2.5 yards of canvas, $4…for real!

I’m very excited to use this, I just need to find the right project(s). I did see a fun beach bag pattern by Jane Skoch over on, maybe I’ll try that…?

Oh, and the best thing about discovering this particular Garment District location?  It’s a few minutes’ walk from my work!  So is that the best discovery, or a dangerous one? Hmmm…


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