It’s here!

The other day I purchased my first dress pattern, which is my sewlution for this year.  The pattern arrived in the mail today.  Hooray!

pretty dress!

I’m excited to start, but super intimidated.  I’ll just have to take this one slowly, and you can be sure I’ll be posting questions!  And here’s my first one: do you do “mock ups” using muslin first? (Are they called mock-ups?)

I’m thinking of making View A and in a solid color, maybe navy or a dark purple?


20 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Well from my extensive knowledge (AKA Project Runway), they always make fun of people who don’t use muslin for part of it and then those who do for the other part. I was thinking of maybe trying to make a Regency era outfit and my first thought was, definitely muslin to test everything 😀


    1. Haha yes, I watch PR too! I have the latest episode on my DVR, haven’t watched it yet.

      I’ve seen them make mock ups on PR, and I’ve seen some people (blogs) that talk about doing one, but not all of them have, so I was curious to see if many people do it.


  2. Geoff’s right, mock ups are either called muslins or toiles. I never make them, but this has varying results. It can be very frustrating to cut the fabric miles too big/ small and then have to unpick and re-do sections. A nice, in-between option is to just make a muslin for the bodice (top half) of the dress. The bodice is where the vast majority of the fitting issues are!


  3. I agree you only need to muslin the top. And you don’t need to use muslin. Best to use the same type/weight of fabric as you intend to use. Plus you don’t need to worry about making the lining too when you make a muslin, just make the outer, that would be sufficient to let you know if it’s going to fit.
    The Sewaholic sewalong for this dress is absolutely awesome, particularly when you attach the lining and insert the zip & straps. Good luck!


  4. If you’re hard to fit, as in your proportions are significantly different than those on the pattern, it’s a good idea to do a mock-up. Personally, I generally use the lining as my mock-up unless I’m working with rare or expensive material or the pattern requires excessive fitting.


    1. Thanks for the tip. I’m not sure if I’m hard to fit. This is my first dress. I did a pair of pajama pants in a class last summer, but otherwise, I haven’t done any other clothing. So I’m going to slowly work my way through this! Maybe I’ll try a simple top. Any suggestions?


  5. Awesome! I also ordered the pattern and cant wait to see it all made up! I mostly make a muslin of the bodice, the only exception to this is when the bottom half of a dress is fitted (like a wiggle dress). Good luck!


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