And Sew Begins the Dress…

In a recent post I told you all about the dress pattern that I wanted to use.  Well, today I did step 2 of the process (and what some people consider one of the more difficult steps): I picked out and purchased my fabric! (and of course, I bought the rest of the things I needed too!)

a fun summery dress print
Keepsake Calico – Jovial Azure

I’m very excited and a bit nervous to start.  I think I’m going to start by practicing darts on some scrap fabric to make sure I do it right.  And I’m going to make a mock-up of the bust first using some plain white cotton I have as well (thanks to everyone who posted suggestions in my other post).

I washed the fabric this afternoon, so I’ll be good to go.   I have one question though, for anyone who has worked with a liner (or even with just this particular pattern):  do you have to wash the liner too?  I know we wash the fabric first just in case of shrinkage, but does that happen to the liner too?


9 thoughts on “And Sew Begins the Dress…

  1. I’m probably late, but… yes, wash that lining fabric! Otherwise it will shrink unevenly. I do have some tips for darts – reduce your stitch length as you approach the tip of the dart and sew right off the end of the fabric. Then lift your presser foot and move your fabric so that you are sewing inside the body of the dart. Sew a few stitches and then backstitch over the same stitches. This helps you avoid tying off the darts by hand, which I find annoying. Good luck!


    1. Thanks; I did already wash it 🙂 I wasn’t sure if it was a material that did shrink (I have a lot to learn!).

      I’m planning to start the dress this weekend. Thanks for the tips on the darts!


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