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REVIEW: The Many Lives of Lilith Lane – Episode V

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This is a review of the fifth installment of E. V. Anderson’s The Many Lives of Lilith Lane.

A bit more than a month passed between my reading of the 4th and 5th installments and that was my fault.  I thought I let Jenny (from Plympton) know that I was ready for the last installment and discovered the other day that I never sent her an email!  So she was very quick to respond once I emailed her (thanks Jenny!). I had to re-read the last couple of pages of the 4th installment to re-orient myself (luckily, I remembered well enough afer that brief recap).

My questions noted in the other reviews were answered; whew!

However, I was left with a few questions at the end of the last installment; it ends on a cliffhanger-like ending!  Dun dun dun! This series could definitely continue and I wonder if there is any plan for more; I would be interested in reading more about Lilith and her adventures. I’ll have to ask Jenny.

I believe this was the shortest installment of the bunch (or else it just seemed that way), but it was action packed.  There were a few things that tied in together that I would not have guessed, and they worked; at least the story was neater and not as far-fetched as it could have been (that is, if you can call a book that talks about literally jumping into alternate realities not far-fetched).  It’s confusing for Lilith (and perhaps the reader) to keep track of how the people act and the different relationships in each reality, so I guess we’re lucky to have only seen 2 different realities (I’d like to say “for now” because I think if this series continued we should definitely see other realities!)

Would you be interested in reading a serialized novel?  What if that novel was “never-ending”? (By never-ending I mean, there is no set number of installments and they could continue for as long as the author(s) wanted to write.)


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