With My Reading Buddy

With My Reading Buddy #9


So today did not pan out for reading.  I alerted the program coordinator that I might be a few minutes late due to a meeting set up.  (As an admin, I sometimes have to help set up a meeting, making sure all the technology is good to go).  So we go to the room and there’s no projector. Oh, by the way, the meeting was in a different building from where I sit.  So I had to go back to my building to grab a projector, then go back to the meeting room and set up the projector, which had a minor difficulty but was sorted out.  Then I trucked on over to the school (a little more than a 10 minute walk).  As I walked in the door the program coordinator approached me and told me he wasn’t in school today.  She didn’t find out until the last minute because the teacher hadn’t turned in the attendance sheet.  So I walked on back to work.

I was so looking forward to saying that we finally finished the scary stories book. (I even had a draft of this post that opened up with: We FINALLY finished that scary stories book! Huzzah! – Imagine my disappointment when I had to delete it!)

A few weeks ago I went through the book bin at the school and picked out about a half dozen other books that we could read, and we talked about them last week and decided to keep them all in our folder.  So, now I’ll look forward to finishing the scary book next week and start something more entertaining.

Earlier in the month we had a session to meet with the teachers to learn a bit more about our student and if there were any specific we should focus on during our sessions.  Unfortunately, my student’s teacher was out that day, so I got to sit in with a different teacher.  I learned that they’re studying medieval history (You’re probably thinking What? In 3rd grade? I was thinking the same thing).  And I also learned that the 3rd and 4th graders have reading buddies in the kindergarten class…how cute is that?  I never knew that, so I talked to A about it the next time I saw him and he didn’t seem to be too excited about it, but I’m not sure why.

Also, January was reading mentor appreciation month.

Onward to February! —>


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