Pet Bed Cover

We’ve had the same pet bed cover for quite a while now on Sonny’s nighttime bed (he has a second bed in our living room in the window sill) so during our travels yesterday, I stopped at Joann’s to grab some fabric and a zipper to make a new cover.

We had seen a cute pawprint fabric the last time we were at Joann’s, so I decided to use that.  I was a little nervous to work with it since it was fleece and I know knit materials can be tricky for sewing newbies (and I definitely still consider myself one!)  But I tried it anyway.  (Worst case scenario, the pillow case doesn’t work, but the material could be used  as a blanket, right?)

I used a nylon plastic zipper instead of the polyester zipper I’ve used a couple of times before (recommended by one of the employees in Joann’s) so it was bigger than I’m used to using, and I ended up breaking one of my machine needles (yikes!), so I just hand stitched one end of the zipper.  Altogether, the zipper came out a little wonky, but it is definitely functional, so I’ll let it go.

I followed the zippered pillow instructions from my sewing class last year, which were helpful. It took me a couple of hours to do, from measuring and cutting to stuffing the pillow in.  The size is slightly smaller than the one that came with the pillow, but that’s better because it made the bed a bit more fluffed up (it was getting a bit flat).  I’m pleased with the overall outcome (and I think Sonny likes it, too!).

pet bed 1

pet bed 2


5 thoughts on “Pet Bed Cover

  1. I have been meaning to tell you, your work is great! I love this dog beg cover. Sewing is such a nice skill to have, that you can do a ton with. Keep the posts coming!


    1. Thank you so much! I enjoy it, I think it’s fun to do and I’m proud when I can say I made something useable. It’s deciding what I want to do that’s the problem: there’s so much out there!


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