Sewing Machine Cover

I absolutely love The Sew Everything Workshop book!  There’s so much good information and some fun patterns to do.  I finally did my first project from that book: the sewing machine cover.

The machine I have did not come with a cover, and instead of buying a boring plastic one I was happy when I found this fairly easy pattern (altogether, it took me about 2 hours to do).  I used the striped canvas material I found at the Garment District a while back.  I figured it might be sturdy enough as a cover. (The images look a bit more faded than the colors really are.)

machine cover 1

I’m happy with the way it turned out, though I definitely need some more practice with the bias tape…

And I’m most proud of how well my stripes match up:

machine cover 2
Matched stripes, huzzah!

This was the first time I was working with stripes, so I was a little nervous they weren’t going to line up well (one corner is slightly off, I will admit).  And when I first cut the material, I wasn’t thinking and had cut the two side panels so that the stripes would have gone vertically.  I debated on whether I should (a) keep it that way and have 2 sides go horizontal and 2 sides go vertical (a.k.a. be lazy), or (b) re-cut.  As you can see, I chose option b.


5 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Cover

    1. Thanks!

      The pattern recommended using oilcloth, but there were only 2 or 3 fabric patterns to choose from at JoAnn’s and I didn’t like them, so I figured I’d use the canvas I already had 🙂


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